About Us

University Sites offers students one location for communication and resources that can be used for collaboration and sharing.  This site is not affiliated with any university or college.  We offer all resources on our sites for free to registered users.  User information such as email addresses or posts are not shared with any organizations for profit but may be shared with third party statistics organizations to improve our site.  The site does participate with Affiliate programs but beyond the information need to present an ad no additional information is shared by University Sites.

Operate domains for university student communities.  We are not affiliated with any university.  We offer site registrants:

  • Chatrooms
  • An interactive community
  • Forums
  • Document exchanges
  • Team building
  • Textbook exchanges
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Reviews of courses, professors and university services
  • Information
  • A voice with with few limits

We offer these for free and pay for this site through affiliate links on this site.